Cadets and Senior Members Gather to Recognize Accomplishments

By: C/Amn Samuel Ward, cadet PAO and 1st. Lt. Bryan Weil, squadron PAO

Tuesday, July 29th, 2014, was a big night for cadets, seniors, and their families to get together to celebrate the successes of the last six months.  Prior to the ceremony, everyone feasted on a variety of dishes and delicious desserts brought by the families, and plenty of time was given for everyone to meet each other’s friends and families while they ate. The agenda for the evening included a change of command ceremony, award presentations and promotions. Cadets and their families brought delicious home cooked meals and takeout food.

Major Laviano adresses those assembled for the evening prior to dinner.

Major Laviano adresses those assembled for the evening prior to dinner.

During the change of command ceremony, C/Lt Col Peter Soares was relieved as his position as Cadet Commander after completing his six month tour, handing over responsibilities to  C/1st. Lt Devyn Williams who took over as commander for the next six months. Soares offered the following when asked about his time as company commander, “It was one of the best experiences of my life especially since we got the opportunity to start from scratch which thought us as executive staff how to go about and implementing procedures. I’m grateful for the opportunity to be commander and will always be in debt to the squadron.” Williams was able to address the audience after accepting the command flag from Soares and offered, “I hope to see an increase of 10 new, active cadets. Additionally I would like to increase our visibility in the community through community service and recruiting.” Williams also stated that the cadet program will be reintroducing specialty tracks so that the cadets can choose what they want to focus their training to emphasize.”

C/Lt. Col Soares hands Maj. Laviano the flag of command

C/Lt. Col Soares hands Maj. Laviano the flag of command


C/1st. Lt Devyn Williams accepts command of the cadet squadron.

C/1st. Lt Devyn Williams accepts command of the cadet squadron.


C/ 1sr. Lt. Williams addresses those assembled after assuming command of the cadet squadron

C/ 1st. Lt Williams addresses those assembled after assuming command of the cadet squadron

During the award ceremony, 2nd. Lt. James Browning was awarded the Mitchell Award, which is earned after the completion of the first eight achievements of the cadet program. In addition, the cadet must pass a comprehensive 100-question examination covering leadership theory and aerospace topics. C/Capt. Steve Soares was awarded the Earhart award, which is earned after the receipt of the General Billy Mitchell Award and the completion of the first eleven achievements of the Cadet Program. C/Lt Col. Peter Soares was awarded the Eaker award which denotes successful completion of all of the achievements of the Civil Air Patrol Cadet Program.


Cadet promotions were announced next, and  Rijel Evans was promoted from C/Sr. Airman to C/SSgt;  Zoey Vestal was promoted from C/SSgt to C/TSgt; Brannan Massey was promoted from C/TSgt to C/Msgt; and Matthew Fletcher was promoted from C/TSgt to C/Msgt. Senior member promotions were announced next, and  Raleigh Wake Squadron Commander Richard Laviano was promoted from Captain to Major. Tracie Langley was reinstated to Captain following a leave of absence, and Ryan Almich was promoted to 2nd Lt.

Following the promotion ceremony 2nd. Lt. Browning presented Maj. Laviano with the championship trophy which the color guard received during a Middle East Region color guard competition earlier this year and 2nd. Lt. Vestal presented Major Laviano with awards received in this year’s cyber patriot competition. The cyber patriot team placed first place in local competition, third in region competition, and finally placing seventh in the nation out of 1500 teams competing. Vestal also presented Laviano and Lt. Col. Jay Langley, with briefcases from the competition and a challenge coin.

2nd. Lt. Browning presents Maj. Laviano with trophy

2nd. Lt. Browning presents Maj. Laviano with trophy

1St. Lt Vestal presents Maj. Laviano with certificates denoting the achievements of the cyber patriot team

1St. Lt Vestal presents Maj. Laviano with certificates denoting the achievements of the cyber patriot team

Deputy Commander of Cadets Lt Col J Jay Langley said when summing up the entire evening and the progress the cadet corps has made over the last year, “I am very proud of how well each group within our cadet program has rallied and excelled in their own respective areas; how well our cyber patriot team did this year and how much the ground team, communications, emergency services and ranger team members have learned, grown and excelled in their chosen specialty.” Langley added “I am very impressed and proud of how well our line and support staff have worked together to grow the squadron, train and promote new cadets and provide a healthy exciting fast paced training program four our cadets to participate in. I am so very excited about this new staff and how much incredible potential exists in their leadership and enthusiasm.”

Squadron Commander Maj. Rich Laviano expressed his gratitude to Lt. Col Langley and his staff of dedicated senior members who have greatly “impacted the lives of the cadets through their tireless efforts over the last year.” Laviano also added “each of these young men and women who participate in the cadet program will have their lives positively changed in so many ways, both seen and unseen”, and that ” the leadership skills learned in CAP will certainly help them to be successful in whatever career they choose down the road.”


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General Vazquez Visits Raleigh With Regions Newest Aircraft


By: 1st Lt. Bryan Weil


7/17/2014–RALEIGH, NC–During a trip from Maxwell Air Force Base (AFB) to Richmond, Virginia, Brig.Gen Joe Vazquez stopped over at RDU’s General Aviation Terminal for a meeting with Col. Larry Ragland, the Middle East Region (MER) Commander. Gen. Vazquez, who is the next National Commander for Civil Air Patrol, is to take command during the Civil Air Patrol’s National Conference in Las Vegas in August.

MER Region's newest aircraft

MER Region’s newest aircraft


Cockpit of C206

Cockpit of C206

Col. Ragland and General Vazquez discuss aircraft capabilities

Col. Ragland and General Vazquez discuss aircraft capabilities

Gen. Vazquez, along with Col. Rick Mosley, the Middle East region vice commander, was at Maxwell AFB to pick up the region’s latest aircraft acquisition, a Cessna T206H. Vazquez, a seasoned pilot with over 3400 flying hours and certifications in both single and multi-engine commercial as well being as FAA commercial rated glider instructor pilot, says that although he is very busy with his current position as Vice Commander, he flys about 180hrs a minimum annually to keep current.

Vazquez stated he was excited to be bringing the 206 to this region because it greatly increases the region’s ability to support the United States Air Force (USAF) in its missions. Vazquez stated “this is the first 206 east of the Mississippi, and we feel that with the 206’s high altitude capability (service altitude is 27,000 feet) as well as its ability to fly long distances (range is 730nmi), we can offer the USAF a low cost alternative for specific types of critical missions that until now we have been lacking.” Cessna describes the 206 as “the sport-utility vehicle of the air” with its ability to carry 5 passengers and 1 pilot economically.

Maj. Latvians presents the general a squadron coin

Maj. Latvians presents the general a squadron coin

On hand today to meet the general and see the new aircraft, in addition to the MER Commander, Col. Ragland, were, the squadron commander of Raleigh Wake Squadron, Maj. Rich Laviano; Capt. Don Williams, and 1st. Lt. Bryan Weil. Col. Ragland is slated to become the general’s chief of staff when he takes command later this summer.

Capt. Williams and Gen. Vazquez

Capt. Williams and Gen. Vazquez


1st. Lt. Weil and Gen. Vazquez

1st. Lt. Weil and Gen. Vazquez

Maj. Laviano presented the general with a squadron coin commemorating today’s visit. Laviano observed “this plane will be a great asset for the region, and I am looking forward to getting my time in this plane, having the opportunity to meet the general today, and spend a few minutes with him today was a an unexpected bonus.”

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Seniors Squadron Meeting moved to 1830

Seniors Squadron Meeting has been moved to 1830, regardless the time of the year.


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Raleigh Wake Squadron recognizes the successes of its members at recent meeting.

By: 1st. Lt. Bryan Weil, Squadron PAO

Raleigh, NC April 17, 2014—During the second Meeting of the Month, the members of Raleigh Wake Squadron met to celebrate the many accomplishments of its members.

Prior to the presentation of awards, Major Pete Bohler was presented with a bible by Lt. Cozzolino who is also commander of the local Veterans of Foreign War chapter. The bible was presented to Maj. Bohler in recognition of the service his son, who was killed last year in Afghanistan, gave to his country.

M. Bohler

Maj. Bohler presented with bible by Lt. Cozzolino

Captain Rich Laviano was presented a copy of the cadet t-shirt, worn by the cadets during their recent Middle East Region first place win, by Lt. Col Jay Langley, Deputy Commander/Cadets.


Lt. Col Langley Presents Capt. Laviano with winning cadet t-shirt







Many of the members noted below were acknowledged for several successes.

Professional Development

M. Swanson – Level 1

M. Swanson

SM Michael Swanson is congratulated on completion of Level 1

J. Loebach – Yeager, Davis


Lt. Loebach Receives both Davis and Yeager awards

B. Weil – Davis


Lt. Weil receives Davis award

D. Gilchrist – Loening


Maj. Gilchrist receives Loening award

E. Baird – Yeager, T. Willis – Yeager, A. Vlack – Davis (Not pictured)



W. Cozzolino – 2nd. Lt


Lt. Cozzolino is promoted by Capt. Laviano and Lt. Col. Langley

A. Griffa – Capt


Capt. Griffa is promoted to Captain by Capt. Laviano and Major Bohler

D. Gilchrist – Maj


Major Gilchrist receives his oak leaves from Capt. Laviano and Mrs. Gilchrist

G. Laznicka – 2Lt


Lt. Laznicka is recognized for 2nd. Lt

W. Robertson – 2LT


Lt Robinson recognized as 2nd. Lt.

A. Vlack – Capt, J. Leveille – 2nd Lt,  J. Browning – 2nd Lt,  R. Byrd – 2nd Lt,  P. Franzon – 2nd Lt (Not Pictured)




Character Development Officer

R. Sunman


Capt. Sunman receives Character Development Officer credentials from Capt. Laviano



S. Lowery (Not Pictured)


Member of the Year

P. BohlerBohler2


Major Bohler receives Sr. Member of the Year (2013)

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2014 Minuteman Muster Race – May 17th

Please follow link to register to run in the muster on May 17th, if you are interested.

Lt. Terri Richards is working with race coordinators to determine if the squadron can put up a booth and provide assistance (cadet and senior) at various hydration stations throughout the course as we did last year. More will be communicated as this is ironed out.


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Full Story on NCWG Cadet Drill Team Win at MER competition!


Please follow the link below to read the full story.


1st. Lt. Bryan Weil, Unit/Wing PAO


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Ralieigh Wake Participates in largest O Flight day in wing history

Follow link below for story.

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Raleigh Wake Squadron expresses appreciation to RDU Airport Authority

By: 1st. Lt. Bryan Weil, Unit PAO

Raleigh, NC, February 17, 2014- One of the essential components of the success of the Raleigh Wake Squadron can be directly tied to the long history of cooperation from the RDU Airport Authority. The squadron has enjoyed a 35 year history of support from the airport authority, and looks forward to this relationship continuing for many, many more years.

This year, during the airport authority’s first meeting of the year, Cap. Rich Laviano, Squadron Commander of Raleigh Wake Composite Squadron had the opportunity to express its appreciation. Laviano presented Tommy Hunt, Chairman of the Board of the RDU Airport Authority a plaque stating the squadron’s appreciation for their support.

Cap. Rich Laviano presents certificate of appreciation to Tommy Hunt, Chairman, RDU Airport Authority

Cap. Rich Laviano presents certificate of appreciation to Tommy Hunt, Chairman, RDU Airport Authority


Certificate of Appreciation

Certificate of Appreciation

In addition, the squadron’s cadet color guard was honored with presenting the colors at the beginning of the meeting.

Squadron Color Guard Presents colors at RDU Airport Authority Meeting

Squadron Color Guard Presents colors at RDU Airport Authority Meeting as Cap. Laviano looks on

In summing up the relationship between the airport authority and the squadron, Laviano offered “We could never have achieved all we have without their (RDU Airport Authority) support in the past, and their continued support in the future is certainly integral to the squadron’s ability to meet its mission to support the United States Air Force, and the State of North Carolina.”

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Squadron dues for 2014 are now payable

Raleigh-Wake Composite Squadron dues for 2014 are now payable.
Senior members dues for 2014 have been set at $48. Dues are assessed yearly for the calendar year.

Checks can be made payable to Civil Air Patrol and mailed to the squadron address at PO Box 80064, Raleigh, NC 27623-0064 or can be brought to our senior meeting.

Thank you for your support of squadron activities by payment of your annual squadron membership dues.

Civil Air Patrol, whose taxpayer identification number is 75-6037853, is a non-profit organization under section 501 (c) (3) of the Internal Revenue Code and contributions to Civil Air Patrol may be deductible under section 170 of the Internal Revenue Code.

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Good Afternoon

MER is now accepting applications for the MER Honor Guard Academy to be held 12-19 July at the Justice Academy EAST in Salemburg, North Carolina.

***Location change from last year***

The Academy will be open to all cadets who have completed a basic encampment by the start of the activity.

There are 50 slots available and those will be filled on a first come, first served basis. So apply as soon as possible.

To apply, please mail (1) A Completed CAPF31 and (2) a Check made out to MER CAP (make sure to include the members CAPID on the bottom left of the check) ***See prices below

Lt Col Phyllis Griffin 400 Sudbrook Lane Pikesville, MD 21208

We will be accepting applications until MARCH 31. If slots are filled before that time a notice will be sent out.

BASIC CADET COST $340 – this includes all costs for the week including the Honor Guard Equipment (rifle, ascot, pistol belt, gloves, cord, etc.). The equipment will go home with the cadet at the end of the academy.

If a cadet already has the Honor Guard equipment, the cost will be $210.


The following staff positions are available:

5 Senior Mentors

1 Health Services Officer

1 Finance and Administrative Officer

1 Safety Officer

1 PAO (Can be a cadet with the apply to take pictures and write articles)5 Cadet Flight Commanders (Cadets HG experience preferred)


 If you have any further questions please send to

Thank you

Jett Mayhew, Lt Col, CAP

MER HGA Director

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